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Business Lessons We Can Learn From Harry Potter

A lot of the things that happen in the Harry Potter film can be related to the world of business. From personal experience, one of the biggest things i’ve taken away is just not to give up.

Harry shows resilience and grit in the face of impending doom. He inspires us by fighting the good fight and never giving up. Sure, he fucks up something and yes, he isn’t perfect, but guess what, he’s human, just like the rest of us!

We live in a world that’s almost psychedelic in terms of what we can achieve. We can fly around the entire globe in a few hours. We can contact people from anywhere within seconds and we can drive vehicles without a human being sitting behind the wheel.

The best part?

We can create passive income streams and live out our lives however we please. The internet is bursting with passive income ideas for us to build profitable businesses. There world has really been made flat again when you consider the sheer volume of free information available to almost all of us. It now becomes a case of sacrificing time or money to learn and implement these strategies to achieve a type of freedom most people only ever dream of.

Harry also showed us that it's okay to start from scratch. To be a total newbie that doesn't really know what they're doing. This is very applicable to the world of business. For example, a guy called Sam Ovens created a consulting accelerator training course. This course teaches people how to go from nothing to over six figures and beyond in revenue with their own business. Harry teaches us that it's totally okay to take the leap when it comes to these sort of decisions in life.

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Harry Potter Spells: The Ultimate List [Infographic]

Want a list of all the harry potter spells?

That’s exactly what i’ve got for you today. I’ve know a whole bunch of spells off the top of my head but I came across some interesting resources that show the entire list of Harry Potter spells.

Now we can practice our incantations at the Florida theme parks properly! None of this wingardium leviosa nonsense though. We want AVADA CAVADRA and CRUCIO!

Things always get intertesting when discussions of the three forbidden spells come up. Soemone’s either being tortured, killed or used as a puppet.

My personal favourite has to be Sectum-sempra. The brain-child of Severus Snape. I love how he invented his own spell. He was a troubled youth got a lot of stick from James Potter back in the day. No wonder he despised Harry!

Moving away from harry potter spells that cause death and destruction. Here are three of my favourite “useful” spells…


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This is Why Your Favourite Harry Potter Characters are…

We all have our favourite harry potter characters.

Is yours Harry? Hermoine? Ron? Perhaps you’ve ventured over to the dark side and you’re into arm-licking horrific tattoeos that voldemort dishes out to his followers.


From personal experience, Ron seems to be a favourite among many people i’ve had discussions with. Harry is surprisingly quite far down the list for most people.

The character we’ve all neglected

We’ve all gone through the entire Harry Potter Saga and neglected one character that brings so much to the wizarding world. In some films, he only has a very small part, if anything, but in others, he brings heaps of personality and enriches the film through his father-figure demeanor.

The Harry potter character i’m talking about is, ofcourse, Rubius Hagrid!

Keeper of keys at Hogwarts School of Witchcrat and Wizardry.

Here are eight reasons why Hagrid is one of the best harry potter characters.

He’s a great friend and a loyal protector

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